Adoniram Judson biographies, American Baptist missionary to Burma. Adoniram Judson, Jr. (August 9, – April 12, ) was an American Congregationalist and later Baptist missionary, who served in Burma for almost forty. Adoniram Judson. ( – ). Apostle of the Love of Christ in Burma by Eugene Myers Harrison. THERE IT WAS — the site of the historic Let-ma-yoon prison.

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On one occasion Judson, pitifully weak and emaciated, was driven in chains across the burning tropical sands, judaon, his back lacerated beneath the lash and his feet covered with blisters, he fell to the ground and prayed that the mercy of God might grant him a speedy death. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Adoniram Judson

As a result of the courage and resourcefulness of his wife, he was released in February to serve as a translator for the Burmese government during negotiations for the Treaty of Yandabo. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. He was delayed by the capture of his vessel by a French privateer, and growing international tensions on the eve of the War of prompted the American board to act independently.

The hearts of the Karens were remarkably and providentially prepared for the reception of the gospel message by a tradition prevalent among them to this effect: The Karen people were a primitive, hunted minority group of ancient Tibeto-Burman ancestry scattered in the forests and jungles of the Salween River and in the hills along the southeast coast.

Adoniram Judson | American missionary |

The life of Adoniram Judson. In addition to its basic function of defining words, a dictionary may provide information about their pronunciation, grammatical forms and functions, etymologies, syntactic…. Thomas Ranney, a fellow missionary. Turning his horse’s direction, he went home and begged his father and mother to help him find a faith that would stand the test of life and of death, of time and eternity.


A faith for the testing of life!

With great tact and consuming zeal, he preached by the road side and dealt with inquirers. The efficacy of the love of Christ!

Helena on September 1, By the time of his death, he had accomplished those goals and more: Biography portal Massachusetts portal Baptist portal Saints portal. However, since those predecessors did not remain long, and Judson also translated the Bible into Burmeseas well as established a number of Baptist churches in Burma, Judson is remembered as the first significant missionary in Burma, as well as one of the very first missionaries from America to travel overseas.

The mission prospered, but in June Judson was imprisoned for 18 months, and in biiography moved his station to Maulmain. Twelve agonizing months later, Judson and Price, along with a small group of surviving Western prisoners, were marched overland, barefoot and sick, for six more months of misery in a primitive village near Mandalay.

We judsn hastening toward the termination of the two hundred years of which he spoke and, due to the tremendous increase in population, there are more — vastly more — unreached and unsaved people in heathen lands today than there were when Carey inaugurated the modern missionary movement. Ann was the first missionary to learn Siamese and to translate a portion of Scripture, the Gospel of Matthew, into that tongue.

biograpby On the 5th day of February,Judson was married to Ann Hasseltine, who was destined to become the heroic “Ann of Ava. In he visited the United Statesand on his return to Moulmein ; now Mawlamyine he completed and published his Dictionary, English and Burmese.


Inuncertain about a permanent vocation, he began a short tour of the North.

She died while her husband was out exploring the ceded province of Tenasserim. The love of Christ sang and sobbed and shouted its way through all the changing scenes, manifold trials and monumental accomplishments of the five great epochs of his life.

Many times, smitten down with disease and at death’s door, he breathed out the prayer, “Lord, let me finish my work. But “the love that never fails” sustained him. He was the son of a Congregationalist minister.

As his eyes kindled and the tears chased each other down his cheeks, he would smilingly exclaim, “Oh, the love of Christ! It may also be significant that after an Anglo-Burmese war, the missionaries were American, not British.

By day he was haunted by the vision of vast nations bound and dying in the darksome prison house of sin. Surely he would have fallen and perished under the weight of his cross, except for the tender, persistent, beautiful ministrations of Ann. When his father sought to argue with him, he quickly demonstrated his intellectual superiority, but he had no answer to his mother’s tears and solemn warnings.