Ahmad Zarruq was a 15th century Muslim scholar from Morocco. A Berber of the Barnusi tribe, he lost both his parents within a week of his birth. Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq PI By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq Translated b y Shavkh Hamza Yusu f The noble scholar, the unique of his age, the regulator of the. The present study is an attempt to restore the text of Qawaid al-Tasawwuf by comparative and comprehensive study of its manuscripts. This thesis also aims to .

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The Truth is clear, and its details are weighty and significant. This is so because the one who seeks the outset at the end loses providential care; and the one who seeks the end at zqrruq outset loses providential guidance. He took the name ‘Zarruq’ meaning ‘blue’ and he studied the traditional Islamic sciences such as jurisprudence, Arabic, traditions of Prophet Muhammed and wrote extensively on a number of subjects.

General Company for Publication, The realization of turning back to Allah is through praise and gratitude in times of prosperity and taking refuge in Him in times of affliction.

Even if it is something that is recommended. Notable early Notable modern Singers.

The Poor Man’s Book of Assistance by Sidi Ahmad Zarruq

Every time that you make a mistake, listen and obey. Return to Book Page. Nabila Ali rated it it was amazing Aug 03, This is a commentary of the book by Sh Hamza Yusuf. Surrender completely to His decree with the submission of one who knows he can never overcome Him. Whoever has any of the following five cannot be a true spiritual guide: May Allah raise his station to further heights among ahmzd blessed companions.

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Ahmad Zarruq

This is so because anyone who claims some rank above his own will fall in humiliation. Anyone who learns knowledge for his own betterment is guided and given insight. The presentation of Islam in such an integrated form appealed and attracted not only the Muslim scholars but also saints to his most impressive accomplishment. Indeed, such practice is akin to settling upon the carpet of truth if done in accordance with its requisite conditions among suitable people and in an appropriate place, not to mention fulfilling its required courtesies and protocols.

Anything you are in no need of doing, leave it. aymad

Seek out a companion to help you out in your affairs, and take his counsel concerning matters that occur from both your inward states and your outward affairs. Never claim anything to which you are entitled, not ahmar mention that to which you are not entitled, and you will be safe from connivance and treachery.

Amel rated it it was amazing Mar 02, A person of character and family-distinction rarely affects you with other than good. Act in accordance with principles and the appropriate legal rulings, and not in accordance with stories and fantasies. Full item downloads 0.


Interpreting the Shadhili notion of usuli tasawwuf, Zarruq constructed the theory of juridical Sufism on its theological and metaphysical grounds. It is beautifully dissected and definitely important for all knowledge ahma.

In this section we have attempted to present a brief summary of each qaidah. He whose service is for others is ennobled by it.

He was a contemporary of Muhammad al-Jazuli.

Except for a group of them with virtue and restraint. Indeed, such people rarely die in a state of grace.

The Counsel of Sidi Ahmad Zarruq | The Ideal Muslim Man

Organize your devotional practices, and you will find your time extended due to the barakah [blessings] in it. About Sidi Ahmad Zarruq. That means not involving yourself zarru anything other than absolutely necessary ahad, and real discernable needs.

This is especially so coming from an obsequious chanter, a heedless tyrant, or an ignorant sufi. Indeed, every time one of these three occurs, repent and return. Never obey your selfish soul even for a moment nor believe any of its claims no matter what it says.