A young woman allies with magnificent dragons in the first book in the Harper Hall trilogy, set within science fiction legend Anne McCaffrey’s. Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey. Dragonsong book cover. logo logo. Rating / Everything is better with musical. Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey – Fifteen-year-old Menolly allies with magnificent dragons in the first book in the Harper Hall trilogy, set within science fiction.

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What th I didn’t particularly enjoy this book, but I don’t think it was really the book’s fault. Dragonsong Anne McCaffrey Limited preview – But the number of magnificent dragons who have protected this world and the men and women who ride them are dwindling. When her stern father denied Menolly’s mccaffeey, she fled Half-Circle Sea Hold just as Pern was struck again by the deadly danger of Threadfallthe killing ropes of death that fall from a nearby star.

The book was written for an arguably younger audience than any other set of books dragonspng McCaffrey’s Pern series. After Petiron’s death, however, a new Harper arrives as his replacement. Dragonquest Dragonriders of Pern 2 5.

Clearly young girls are the target audience for Dragonsong. I’m kind of sorry that I ignored Dragonsongor even found it boring, when I was of an age to appreciate it, since my cynicism makes me unable to connect with ultra-talented Menolly and her adorable little pets who somehow understand human speech and gestures from birth. This book was great!

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Menolly is born to Half Circle Hold, and is hugely out of place. I am a little confused about the order in which I have to read the books of this series because there are different approaches.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Despite a mildly confusing start, McCaffrey created a story here that functions as a standalone from the larger world of the Pern series.

May 23, Emma Miss Print rated it really liked it. Just when she is settling into her new rustic life, disaster strikes. Only stone, metal or water can protect you from it.

Dragonsong (Harper Hall, book 1) by Anne McCaffrey

Much later in the evening, Menolly is waiting for Robinton to return for his fire lizard egg. I’m kind of sick of them, so I wasn’t that into it myself.

If that was deliberate, McCaffrey’s literary skills have long been severely underrated. Or the unabashed use of storytelling elements–such as psychic bonds with hyper-intelligent animals–that may have been mccafffrey at the time, but are embarrassing to wear in public today.


She’s basically Snow White. Apr 06, Rebecca McNutt rated it it was amazing.

But the number of magnificent dragons who have protected this world and the men and women who ride them are dwindling. Will she or won’t she become the community’s head musician? She fed my tomboy fantasies by living rough, making her own shelter, killing and skinning a large bird, and taming wild animals.

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I felt like crying when her hand was injured and she couldn’t play. Rereading it now as an adult I still feel the injustice of her situation, even to the point of tears — but it is tempered now with knowledge. She is talented musically with a fine voice and is able to play many instruments.

When her stern father denies her the chance to make her d The foreword to Dragonsong was quite informative and set up the framework of the fantasy world in a way that I could readily grasp the basic laws. We sprawled in front of the wood-stove and read all day and long into the night. dragonsojg

Edwards Award, honoring her lifetime contribution to writing for teens. I felt forever floating in a limbo world with a couple of other mildly interesting characters.

As Threadfall ends, the queen fire-lizard guides the others out, and Menolly decides to remain in the cave. I’ve never read mccafvrey Pern before, and some of what was going on was a bit of a mystery to me – if it remains so at the end of this trilogy I may have to look into other arcs in that world to learn more of the history and culture of the world.