8 Mar Freshwater Master Test Kit Instructions – Did you lose yours? Download them right from the API website: API Test Kit Instructions. Hey can anybody scan me a picture or tell where I can find the instructions online ? I can’t remember how much, how long, etc. Thanks, Ben. 16 Mar Hey all, sooooo I lost my test kit instructions. I have an api test kit with nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and high and low pH. I’ve looked online.

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The result will be a more representative PH reading of your tap water. More specifically the Ammonia and Nitrate. If you test the PH of tap water immediately after it flows from your faucet, it might read higher than you expect.

First, the accuracy is somewhat limited. Instrjctions that unless you come up with another test tube, the four provided with the kit will not allow you to perform all the testing at the same time; you will need to choose either the low or high range ph test.

This has enough solution for around tests. While some aquarist certainly have tanks that fall outside this range, I think it would meet the needs of most. Your name or email address: These still exist and are mater good option for those that want a simple test kit. Granted we were doing upwards of tests a day in the store over tanks plus customer tests and the average home user will never be remotely close in amount of tests but still.


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API Freshwater Master Test Kit Review | Tropical Fish Site

Instead of purchasing an entire master test kit, you can purchase individual tests as replacements: After the solution has set the prescribed time, you then read the color compared to the chart. I usually only test for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. The API test returned a slight reading of ammonia; unexpected in a tank with plenty of beneficial bacteria and new water. Integral to monitoring progress of the startup of our aquarium and checking the tank health was finding a good aquarium test kit.

If you are adding fertilizers to your planted tank, this can lead freshwwater high Nitrate api freshwater master test kit instructions.

Thank you for the information and the simplified instructions, typing them from the booklet was a job I have been trying to avoid. I’ve looked online to see if I can find them, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere One of the best freshwater test kits on the market at the moment and has been for a long time.

I hope to be adding some product updates in the near future api freshwater master test kit instructions close out the year. Feel free to tell them to contact me if api freshwater master test kit instructions so desire so I can go into greater deatil about what was said etc This is the test for PH levels from 6. So for any beginner its easy, which when you first start to think about testing your water it seems like it could become very tricky and confusing.


I get consistent results that I can trust. PH of tap water can change after a period of time: Do you have difficulty assessing the Nitrate values of 40ppm and 80ppm as the colors on the chart appear to be identical? Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today!

API Freshwater Master Test Kit Review

After a few tries, you will get the rhythm down and become faster at completing the test. You can download the instructions here. Freshwatsr usually hold the test tube up to the card with the tube over the white portion next to the color scale. I lost my test kit instructions.

instrucions Add 10 drops of Nitrate Bottle 2. It has enough solution for around tests. I always use the same kif tube locations in the black plastic holder each time I test to avoid confusion on what test api freshwater master test kit instructions represents which test.

The container also holds the test tubes upright for you while you perform the testing. Wait 5 minutes and read the results. Menu Skip to content. Cookies This site uses cookies: Yes, my password is: