This ‘Dual-Triple’ cable doesn’t look normal on the outside, and it isn’t normal on the inside, either. AudioQuest Rocket 33 offers amazingly clean and effortless. AUDIOQUEST Rocket 33 10′ Speaker Cable (Pair): From our expanded online assortment; compatible with most speakers; solid 13 AWG LGC and PSC. FREE 2-day Shipping: Many of todays speakers can be bi-wired. They feature two sets of connectors, which provide separate inputs for the.

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The effectivity of such a solution is questionable as many different sound signatures will yield their own though mixed sound signature but who cares, an ear will be the final arbiter. Instead of keeping you alert it cherish your senses and brings your attention to music. There is a lot of micordetail for those detail-hunters out there but it is very well integrated within the musical context so it does not disturb.

They are tonally correct, they have proper amount of weight, but they are less contoured than they should be. In this context the Redwood Every great cable I had in my system before the Redwood has a certain feature that made it different from another — a certain quality that made it perfect match for one system and mismatch for another.

When I talked to Joe Harley of Audioquest this spring he kept assuring that the philosophy of Audioquest is to do as less harm as possible to a music The Rocket 33 uses dual triple geometry that divides conductors in two groups: The flatness of the cable supports its bendability 30mm radius so it is not an issue to get the cable into a desired position.



If you take a closer look it still keeps looking like the ordinary white twin-wire. When I talked to Joe Harley of Audioquest this spring he kept assuring that the philosophy of Audioquest is to do as less harm as possible to a music signal.

Audioquest providess chemically treated polishing cloth for silver to remove traces of oxidation. If you have an impression it is a negligible detail be sure it is not — try to manipulate some highend cables with a metal-bar stiffness and you will find it not only dangerous for your equipment but also expensive extra lengths will be needed to reach the terminals of your amplifier or speakers.

If you combine all these with natural soundstaging capabilities you may end up with an ideal cable in hands. Nisel SKBratislava, tel. The bass and treble groups are each housed in a separate PVC jacket so they can be used individually for the purpose of bi-wiring. There was simply nothing to indicate that the ZEFs would be such The CV-4 is more mature, however, and the listener hears it. The variable cross-section areas should eliminate the fact, that specific diameters and materials have typical sound signatures.

There is one thing that is common for both the CV-4 and the Rocket Though I am not sure about the invisibility of the Rocket 33 in the signal path, I can applaud to the tuning of the cable. Today, there are many companies using cryogenic treatment of conductors with the claim of relieving material stress and improvement of molecular conductivity. It simply is an excellent cable.


Rocket 33 · Rocket Series · Speaker Cables · Cables · AudioQuest

Recommended resellers AQ s. Recommended resellers Audiostudio s. The relevant remark is, however, that unlike copper the silver oxidation remains fully conductive. They recommend to use it times a year to keep the connections perfect. The Rocket 33 is a very rcket, smooth and effortless cable. I had no feeling that I was listening to strings, rather the guitar was a complete structure of strings, body and neck.

The Audioquest Rocket 33 is a quite attractive piece of cable: The good news is that Audioquest does use cold crimping instead of soldering to eliminate imperfections in the contact.

Recommended resellers Nisel SKBratislava, tel. They are really made from a billet of metal and milled into the shape – the mass of the single spade equals audiioquest mass of a fistful Nordost Thor modifiedSnakeblock, Nordost Valhalla. Everytime the Silver Oval 2 returned to my system it reminded me of the immediacy of a live performance.

I have to say that I did not expect such a good performer in this price level. Well, from a distance of 3 meters the ZEF looks like an ordinary white twin-wire. Well, there is one little iceberg: