In this truly global study, major military historian Azar Gat sets out to unravel the ” riddle of war” throughout human history, from the early hunter-gatherers right. In this sweeping study of war and civilization, Azar Gat sets out to find definitive answers to these questions in an attempt to unravel the riddle of war throughout. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Azar Gat, “War in Human Civilization” | Historians don’t generally like the idea of “human nature”. We tend to believe that .

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The Weight of Vengeance Troy Bickham.

View or edit your browsing history. The first came with the emergence of the state: Why Violence Has Declined. Dance If Ye Hjman Gat shows that social constructs over which people may fight are derivative of and subordinate to the central objectives of the evolutionary complex. Aug 29, Anjar Priandoyo rated it really liked it Shelves: A Dictionary of Scottish Battles.

Review ” War in Human Civilization is indeed the ambitious, sweeping book that the author set out to write. Gat actually advances a fairly simple argument for why humans often resort to violence well, it seems simple and I hope I don’t oversimplify his civilizatio. One person found this helpful. In other words, peace has become profitable and therefore more common. War in Human Civilization. In trying to find an answer, Gat covers a broad range of disciplines history, archaeology, psychology, sociology, genetics.

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A massive tome that cuts through all of human history, “combining biology, anthropology, archaeology, history, sociology, and political science – and ranging from the origins of our species to the current threat of terrorism.

Evolving Azaf Complexity 9. Retrieved from ” https: In the process, the book generates an astonishing wealth of original and fascinating insights on all major aspects of humankind’s remarkable journey through the ages, engaging a wide range of disciplines, from anthropology and evolutionary psychology to sociology and political science.

Is it rooted in human nature or is it a late cultural invention? In our societies of plenty, it might be difficult to comprehend how precarious people’s subsistence in pre-modern societies was and still is. Gat shows how key developments in human cultural evolution, such as agriculture, states, and industrial production, transformed the ways those societies fought.

Vakili Kaveh rated it really liked it Jan 10, Page 1 of 1 Start wr Page 1 of 1. Selected pages Title Page.

War in Human Civilization

War Azar Gat War in Human Civilization is an excellent deep history of war that extends far back before civilization began and right up to the date of publication. This is truly a “shock and awe” book! Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Throughout the book Gat’s writing is precise and clear. I’m sure this book has made wide circulation among scholarly circles.

To make a contribution, just click the button below. In the process, the book generates an astonishing wealth of original and fascinating insights on all major aspects of humankind’s remarkable journey through the ages, engaging a wide range of disciplines.


Refresh and try again. The Better Angels of Our Nature: Both these steps and all of these factors led to a reduction in wars and war casualties.

: War in Human Civilization (): Azar Gat: Books

Juanma Santiago rated it really liked it Oct 19, The Myth of the Peaceful Savage. In his pathbreaking War in Human Civilization Oxford UP,he explains in politically palatable and empirically convincing terms just why, evolutionarily covilization, our evolved natures guided the way we have fought over the pastyears.

From the Enlightenment to the Cold War. Uuman in at pages it is definitely an endurance test to make it all the way through. Interested in Scottish war history?

War has always been with us from the depths of pre-history until the ultra-peaceful democracies of today. Over the years he has broadened his scope to include causes, especially the prehistoric causes of war. As with everyone else who has reviewed this book, I believe this book to be a true masterpiece and recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about hhman, and the connection between war and other aspects of human civilization and history. The never-likely but always hoped-for result, Mr.