Based on the BC chipset, this Bluetooth module will serve as master and slave in one unit, allowing up to 10 meters (roughly 10 yards) or wireless data. You can use this module to communicate between two microcontrollers like Arduino or communicate with any device with Bluetooth. lent Bluetooth Module, it is fully certified to Blue- Radio Chip: CSR BC Memory: 5V voltages out of the Bluetooth module when operated with a 5V host.

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Here everything the modules receives via the wired serial connection is sent to the connected device. EDR, up to 3Mbps Interface: These boards were already configured to work at baud. Double check the connections and ddatasheet resistor values.

Up to around 30 feet 10 m Sensitivity: They were just fine. What name does the module broadcast?

If the default configuration suits your application, then you datashete use the Bluetooth Module immediately. There are a few ways to connect serial Bluetooth modules to a PC. It is very possible they have a different firmware. Waiting for connection in Data Mode Blink twice in 1 sec: How to proceed an order?


Most PCs cannot use a baud rate above and there is not way to hardware reset these modules. I have no real use for these except to see if they bluetootj different to previous versions. AT command set is narrowed to bare essentials — baud rate, name, pin, and parity.

HC-06 (ZG-B23090W) Bluetooth 2.0 EDR modules

But, the photos in the data sheet feature modules without the logo. Indicates the status of Module Bluteooth once in 2 sec: When used with the CSR Bluetooth software stack, it provides a fully compliant bluetooth system to v2. Here is more correct information:. Do you provide samples?

HC Bluetooth Module Pinout, Specifications, Default Settings, Replacements & Datasheet

No user code specific to the Dataaheet module is needed at all in the user microcontroller program. Communicate with Laptop, Desktops and mobile phones 3.

Because of this behavior, it may be extremely difficult to do manual entry configuration using Windows Hyperterminal software or similar. While connected, pulling PIN34 high switches from data to command mode. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


Wireless Bluetooth RS232 TTL Transceiver Module

Broadcasting as HC currently… I know the module works as is as I have just used the same one for the drop controller I built from your circuit diagrams thanks btw, its a step up from my HiViz unit: Finally, we arrange the production and shipping.

Module has entered Command Mode Repeated Blinking: HC Bluetooth Module Datasheet. Firstly, let us know your requirements or application. Next up is to see if we dataxheet talk to them using AT commands.

Submitted by admin on 10 March Try a combination of upper and lower case, with and without line end characters. So no surprises there. HC has also relatively broad set of AT commands to inquire, set, start, or stop the connection. Connection successful in Data Mode.

We can connect it directly to the Arduino RX pin.