CSWIP (WELDING INSPECTOR) MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS 1. When “ H2 control” is specified for a manual metal arc welding project, the electrode. MMA. 1. Which welding process is considered to be the most versatile? 2. (a) SAW (b) TIG (c) MIG / MAG (d) MMA One of the advantages of a multi-pass MMA . MULTICHOICE PAPER ONE ‘hydrogen control’ is specified for a manual metal arc welding project the electrode would normally be: a. Cellulose.

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The surface to be examined shall be free from all dirt, grease, lint, oil, scale or slag. A repair has been made using MMA on a double V butt weld on a 10 m diameter tank.

CSWIP 3.1 Multiple Choice Paper 1

The weld metal deposit of MMA electrodes, achieves its mechanical strength through: Which of the following will vary the most when varying the arc length using the MMA process? Which of the following processes joints metals plastically: So, the Welding Inspector 3.

A fatigue failure is characteristic by the appearance of the fracture surface. Applying preheat when welding, carbon manganese steel is normally done to avoid: Increasing the arc energy input of a welded joint will: A welder and procedure re-qualification would be required: Bend test specimens have been taken from a 25mm thick carbon steel butt weld. So, no one can falter the accuracy of our Welding Inspector 3.


In accordance with BS which of the following is classified as triple de-oxidized filler wire? Which of the anr welding processes is not a fusion welding process? Which of the following heat treatment processes would be used for grain refinement? A crack in a weld zone: The process of tempering is often carried out to anr toughness after which of the following processes: High carbon steel is not susceptible to cracking so I would weld over … High carbon steel is susceptible to cracking.

The TIG welding process utilizes an electrode that is: Carbon equivalent values are useful to determine: A welder qualified in the 6G position would normally be qualified for welding: What is the leg length of a fillet weld? The possible effects of having a travel speed too fast: Already have an account?

A center line crack in a fillet weld: This site uses cookies. One purpose of a microscopic examination of a weld is to establish the: Pre-heating a carbon steel manual metal arc welding is carried out to minimize the risk of: What are the possible results of having a too lower heat input?

If the amperage is too low during the welding of a root bead, the possible result would be: The correct term for a joint prepared on one component only is: What action should the inspector take: Notify me qjestions new comments via email.

Charpy V notch impact test d. Survey Maker Flashcards See All.

CSWIP Question with Answer and Explanation – Part 1 – AMARINE

Porosity is caused by: The type of SAW flux is more resistant to moisture absorption: In Sub Arc Welding, excessive flux melting will result from: You would object because: Log In Sign Up.

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It is the dirtiest part of the pipe as it is near the ground c. The extent of the changes in microstructure will depend on the following: When welds have a depth to width ration of higher than 2: One advantage of metal gas arc shielded welding is: Safe and Secure Our website is safe and secure for its visitors.

What is the possible cause of too mush restraint of the parent material during welding?

Remember me on this computer. Non-planar defects associated with a weld: Pre-heating prior to welding: Get access to the dump as soon as you send the payment. The main reason for pre-heating medium and high carbon steels before cutting by oxy-fuel gas technique is to: During CO2 welding, the arc length is most likely to be affected by: Excess penetration Pls understand that: Ultrasonic testing is of advantage in detecting which of the following weld imperfection over other NDT method: How many temperature indicating crayons would be required to ensure the preheat temperature was lying within a specified range?

This 33.1 to influence: Please take the quiz to rate it.