Español: Cultivo de shiitake (lentinula edodes) en Pradejón, localidad líder en producción de hongos en España. Date, 2 April , Español: Cultivo de shiitake (Lentinula edodes) en Pradejón (La Rioja), localidad líder en el cultivo de champiñón y setas en España. Date, 9 October Suplementação mineral e produtividade de cogumelo Shiitake em toros de Le 95/01 e negativa da Le 96/18 obtidas no cultivo em toros de eucalipto de.

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Interdisciplinary Science Reviewsv. Revista de Biologia Tropicalv. Evaluation of productivity on logs Productivity is defined as the yield of wet biomass of mushroom g per kg of dry log in four accumulated production frutings. Another important aspect is the number of eucalyptus cuts, since the older the cut, the poorer the wood, due to soil exhaustion in the course of conducting the forest Barros, The basic density of the wood is defined as the relation between the mass of an oven-dried sample and its displaced volume in water.

After filtration, mineral supplementation of the sawdust extract was made with the following treatments: On the other hand, there are frequent producer cyltivo regarding low and inconsistent yields which have caused many of them to abandon their activities or find alternative cultivation on heat-treated particulate substrates such as axenic media.

Brazilian reports on Shiitake mushroom [ Lentinula edodes Berkeley Pegler] productivity grown on Eucalyptus saligna Sm. This was evidenced in the present work, in which greater production occurred only in the fourth fruting, days after inoculation of the logs.


Productivity is defined as the yield of wet biomass of mushroom g per kg of dry log in four accumulated production frutings.

Mineral fertilization was carried out when the logs were submerged in water to induce fruiting bodies, using the following saline concentrations: Use of agricultural wastes for the cultivation of Lentinus submundus Cultuvo In the final fruting of the experimental production on logs, mushroom samples from all treatments were submitted to a Weende-scheme chemical analysis.

The initiative is at Pradejon La Riojathe town who most cultivated fungi produce in Spain.

File:Cultivo tradicional de shiitake en – Wikimedia Commons

TripAdvisor uses cookies to improve your site experience. Services on Demand Journal. The level of contamination of the logs is another factor that affects yield Andrade, Mineral supplementation and productivity of the Shiitake mushroom on eucalyptus logs. Lentinula edodesnitrogen, phosphorus.

For productivity, non-parametric analysis of variance and the Kruskal-Wallis test were utilized. Minerals were supplied, at the following levels: Reviewed 2 November In the present work, until the third fruiting these periods were less than 60 days, since reduction of the periods among production phases as a function of mineral supplementation was expected. This was determined with a hydrostatic balance ABNT,to measure samples of 50 logs of virgin wood non-degraded wood was used to evaluate the initial basic density, Dbi, in t m Report of the Tottori Mycological Institutev.

The current production on this kind of wood is, however, low and variable. Mineral supplementation increased the protein content of Shiitake Figure 4 and Table 3as a direct function of increasing rates of mineral supplementation.

File:Cultivo de shiitake en Pradejón.jpg

For this procedure, together with the induction of mineral supplementation, the nutrients were dissolved in water and added to the immersion tank. This suggests that the colonization of exhausted logs depends on the aggressivity of the line and its competitiveness with the ambient microbiota. Shiitake cultivation on heat-treated enriched sawdust with sugar-cane Saccharum officinarum L.


Taxes, fees not included for deals content. The first part of the route begins at the Fungiturismo Center where visitors will learn the secrets of the Kingdom Fungi through interactive activities and mushrooms tasted the garlic paired shiiake wine DO Rioja.

By continuing, you consent to our cookies. This reinforces the hypothesis of late production, obtained in the present work, possibly due to the low nutrition level of the seventh cutting of eucalyptus cultivated on non-fertilized soil. The objective of this research was to evaluate mineral-supplementation interactions for the cultivation of the edible mushroom Shiitake, aiming to attenuate nutritional problems of shiutake wood, which has an impact on the yield of this mushroom.

The concentration of carbon dioxide gas was maintained between and m L mL The art and science of mushroom cultivation. Shiitake brazilian literature regarding production of Shiitake on eucalyptus logs is cultivp in that logs, 12 cm in diameter, produce up to 1.