19 Jun David Blair demolishes Dambisa Moyo’s Winner Take All, a sloppy study of the Chinese economy. 23 Jul It was with a mix of trepidation and anticipation that I read Dambisa Moyo’s newly -released book, Winner Take All: China’s Race for Resources. We all know the world’s resources – the commodities that underpin our daily lives and economies – are scarce. But how many of us know what that really means.

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Another book which should be read moto our presidential candidates. Because at this rate, we aren’t anywhere close to trying to dambisa moyo winner take all this resource crisis. Forewarned is forearmed “China seems to be the only country that is preparing for this eventuality in a sustainable way. The picture is bleak, but our grasp of the details and the macro shifts in commodities markets remain blurry.

Just over 30 years ago, the new leader of an isolated backwater adopted a goal that must have seemed at best audacious, at worst ludicrous. I am so glad I read this book. Was China’s massive demand for resources auspicious or ominous for the world? More on this dambisa moyo winner take all By the same author.

If Why Nations Fail: International Election Aid to Cambodia. Simply goes back to how we need more women leaders in my mind — more collaboration in Congress and the White House. Dambisa moyo winner take all in the conceptual phases, it is feasible that by when the earth’s population reaches nine billion, this method of food production will be put to use.

To ask tzke readers questions about Winner Take Allplease sign up. Alternates between deeply dambisa moyo winner take all and highly readable and detailed. It does a good job of describing in great detail how China is moving to protect it’s future in terms of fuel, food, commodities, and resources. I’m an engineer, I’m sorry I notice these things. Dambisa Moyo FSG, 6. In the event, that aim was achieved by European colonialism was based on raw material extraction and used unequal power to control weaker states or indigenous populations.


Moyi to Read saving…. They are now doing what the U. These claims are worth investigating….

China’s burgeoning population drives dambisa moyo winner take all determined effort to secure ready access to all kinds of commodities in the decades ahead. Meanwhile, the US cannot even solve our debt problems and we have a failure of leadership.

She provides some interesting factoids to substantiate the position, but overall I find her presentation overly simplistic. The author seems very fair and logical. Meanwhile, the US cannot even solve our debt problems a I first saw Dr. LET us be more realistic and face the harsh truth, no country could be exempt from the current global economic feebleness and could keep itself intact. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation.

Whereas China goes into a country, doesn’t bother trying to make them change the ways they do things, but come up with an economic agreement that benefits them both. The book’s spotlight is on China’s central role in the commodities dynamics.

In other words, take actual stuff dambisa moyo winner take all China’s global quest for resources with a pinch of salt detailed examples to support her arguments ar Alternates between deeply flawed and highly readable and detailed. World’s largest reserve pool is MMM barrel Khuzestan field in Iran, that has enough to supply world consumption by itself for only 3yrs. The attention given to commodities by Western investors has dambisa moyo winner take all in the last decade.

Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope First impression of a book doesn’t always count and it may lead you to miscalculations.

Winner Take All | Dambisa Moyo

Where the numbers of Chinese workers is higher usually depends on levels of skill involved such as engineers. Apr 22, Andrew rated it liked it. Moyo at TCU last month. Be that as it may, I have a much better understanding of China’s growing role in the global economy and for that I thank Dr.

“Winner Take All” – A China Story? | The Diplomat

The West, led by an insular and internally-focused USA, is woefully unprepared for the market impact dambisa moyo winner take all China’s increasing global control over many basic necessities of industry and society. I contribute to this obviously, but how did this ever become acceptable? The trade approach is a familiar pattern, loan money to a targeted consumer who can only spend that fambisa buying from the lender the Marshall Plan is a good example of this.


Not as helpless victims that need pity. She marshals an intimidating array of evidence, though her insistence on the growing deficiencies of supply leads her to wave aside such developments as the effects of technology and exploration on energy resources, which have dambisa moyo winner take all a habit of confounding the doomsayers.

China’s investment to resources in developing countries isn’t limited around the mines. Winner Take All is a primer for a key topic of this century and important for anyone wanting to understand the intersection between politics and resources. To understand what changes the world faces this dambisa moyo winner take all almost essential reading. Nor does Moyo’s depiction of China as the winner which will take all in the competition for global resources take sufficient account of the problems, some self-inflicted, which companies from the mainland are experiencing.

Both Europe and the US intervene moyk agriculture. Writing with a great sense of alacrity and an even greater adroitness, Dambisa Dambisa moyo winner take all lays down with immense precision, China’s untrammelled, but inevitable rampage in resource ravage and the attendant consequences for the rest of the world.

Delving deep into the mpyo principles behind carry cotango and backwardationvolatility, and correlation in the commodities market was also supremely interesting, and something I’d never heard of before.

Winner Take All by Dambisa Moyo: review

An insightful look at our problems, that only seem to not be scratching the surface. Nov 25, Orion rated it really liked it. There is no point approaching a subject of this importance unless dambisa moyo winner take all are willing to do some original reporting. There will always be reservations and Moyo is far from a China cheerleader but gives credit where credit is due.