12 Feb The called “Dr. Ibrahim Elfiky has really no merits, and many people especially in the arabic world are cheated by him because of a lot of. Dr ibrahim elfiky. likes · 8 talking about this. dr. ibrahim elfiky. Dr Ibrahim Elfiky. likes. هنا تجمع لكل محبى الدكتور “إبراهيم الفقي”,, اهلاً بكم جميعاً‎.

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Ibrahim Elfiky an arabic scam..? or not? – Ibrahim Elfiky an arabic scam..? or not?

I have just finished translating it to Arabic. Your link it’s about University in Sedona Arizona. Just after dr ibrahim elfiky your article, even before checking ur links, just by reading that The objective is mainly to sell training, seminars, for instance, the training program of May organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Oman a country in the Dr ibrahim elfiky East. These centers were never been validated by any serious or scientific authority it is like a fitness center but named with scientific words like NLP, etc.

Ibrahim Elfiky an arabic scam.? El-Fiqi talks about L. Ibrahim is not a doctor is baseless and, also, so is your claim that the University of Metaphysics does not exist. Ask yourself these questions. On the other hand, there is a video in the university website showing Dr. For instance, Wikipedia deleted this kind of received articles from their Web site for the serious lack of reliable sources that dr ibrahim elfiky independent to the Ibrahim Elfiky own pages and sources.


Some feel like they are missing something from their lives. After reading your writing I did some research on the content.

Writing an article myself. Dear author, I am using your article as a reference. I think your claims are dr ibrahim elfiky on hatred for certain people. You can criticize someone of their job but it is unwise to deny someone’s achievements.

But who are you to critisize someone like the giant Dr elfiky? Flux RSS des messages. Commenter avec CanalBlog Utiliser Facebook. Ibrahim Elfiky tried to do the dr ibrahim elfiky thing but at the level of the arabic world, and he has a good audience in the arabic world thanks to arabic medias. Well for your way of writing i could only analys two things one of them must be true.

Dr Ibrahim Elfiky

Since I am the admin of a fan facebook page dr ibrahim elfiky. El-fiqi in the website. Adresse email visible uniquement par l’auteur du blog. I even have more details to this issue. I want to say one thing, what is dr ibrahim elfiky point of saying that?


Yo, go read about him than come and write articles and criticize him.

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I will list you as one of my main references and will include details of plagiarism I found today committed by Ibrahim Elfiky enterprises. Dr ibrahim elfiky add me to facebook www.

dr ibrahim elfiky Moreover, concerning the Wikipedia example, plz let me inform you that Wiki is not accurate or reliable and as such should not be used as a source for information. Here is ibrahik link or the university website: University he may be a lier. I Repeat, maybe is a mistake but if Dr.

Building a spiritual business is not new. Many persons try to be guides, teachers, ibeahim coaches to run a spiritual business that offers services to those seeking enlightenment. Regarding the Doctor dr ibrahim elfiky, M. It is a spiritual business like the Scientology originally founded by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

It looks like your claim of that Dr. The business includes selling books, DVDs and manuals sometime for efliky to dollars per unit! Also, the company sell training programs in many arabic dr ibrahim elfiky like in Tripoli, Cairo, Malaysia, Al-Sokhna, etc.