The flamenco guitar tremolo technique is done slightly differently than the traditional p-a-m-i classical guitar tremolo, in a sense that the traditional flamenco . This is a Classical/Flamenco tremolo forum at strike with the thumb. Ok, let me post a little exercise that helped me learn. The tremolo is a beautiful techniques of the classical guitar: it gives the . exercises is to perform a chromatic scale by applying the tremolo.

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Travel distance is minimized. The thumb plays in a similar fashion.

It is not to be played as a monotone mechanical exercise. It becomes more difficult to curb this tendency at fast speeds. Index View all technique lessons. Though, I have been playing flamenco for about 3 years and I wouldnt say I’v mastered it, but I can play alot of music from the technique I have aquired. As the thumb plays, you may have to actually oppose the pull on the finger by pushing the finger forward towards the floor to train the finger.

I have a minor case of focal dystonia that causes me some problem with my index finger, and I’m trying to figure out if I will ever do tremolo correctly. Starting from the beginning, at a snail’s pace, what would be the estimated time to recognize the correct sound?


If the metronome is set to 80, first you would play 3 notes per beat, then 4 notes per beat, 5 notes per beat, and so on. Start every day at your slow speed and increase the speed notch by notch or in fives if your metronome is digital. Some players do fine at slow tremolk, but as they play faster the fingers tense and begin to splay apart.


The PDFs are the same as what you see on this webpage although the videos in the PDFs are not quite as high a resolution as those on this page. As you say, that flow of the fingers is what needs to be perfected.

Alzapua exercises, Alzapua studies 4. Technique, Styles and Theory of flamenco music, all of tre,olo with a CD so that the guitarist can practice without the need of help from a teacher. After trying the single-string tremolo, try similar exercises with the fingers still playing the second string but with the thumb playing other strings, again practicing very slowly at first and then speeding up.

Practice the tremolo patterns until you can play a sixteenth note tremolo at most tempos. In some of the examples I’ve given on this page, you will play tremolo notes that move from one string to the next.

This makes sense from the standpoint that in a tremolo, the thumb usually plays the background accompaniment and should therefore be played quietly. It definitely helps limit the movements of the fingers. Also, a very few computers simply will not play the embedded videos in the PDFs.


Stay with me here. I treemolo a good tremolo technique encompasses these elements: Monitor this at slow and fast speeds. Even flammenco small amount of tension in the playing mechanism will be amplified as you play faster and faster causing no end of problems.

The tremolo technique: how to improve it?

How to Master the Tremolo Part 3: Again, this is a practice technique or strategy. It took me much shorter, but once you reach a platuea, you can go any faster, better, or more accurate. The following discussion of finger and thumb movements should help increase your accuracy of fingernail and thumb contact with the strings and minimize extraneous noise.

This will develop your right-hand touch. Doing slow-fast practice is also very effective and can be done with or without a metronome.

Guitar Tremolo Picking Exercises

Thanks again for your help. Because of the speed of tremolo execution, the fingers can err and miss exefcises sweet spot, producing clicks or nail noises. If you begin at too fast a speed, muscles will tense or clench. But I was just saying withing my 3 years of playing, I can temolo quite accurate.