: Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG). ( ) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available. Chapter. Geräte-und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG). Part of the series Springer Praxiskommentare pp Begriffsbestimmungen. Thomas Wilrich Affiliated. Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG) Schutz der Verbraucher vor gefährlichen Produkten w.

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Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz (GPSG) – Sch – My Hot News Magazine – My Hot News.

The Act does not apply with respect to the bringing into circulation and display of used products which. The competent authorities and their delegated representatives are empowered to enter and inspect the sites and business premises and the testing laboratories during the operational and business hours and to demand presentation of documents for the issuance of the certificates.

Notification under Sentence 1 may not be used for a criminal prosecution of the notifying party or for proceedings against the notifying party under the Act relating to administrative infringements. He shall accept the inspection measures under Subsection 2. The statutory ordinance shall be adopted by the Federal Ministry to whose operational domain the federal authority belongs in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour.

The competent authority monitors compliance with the general requirements given in Subsection 5 Sentence 2 and the special requirements given in a statutory ordinance under Section 14 Subsection 1.

The same applies if an order is established according to other regulations concerning the facility or workplace in which the Installation is operated. Access can be granted by electronic means. Sentence 1 applies as appropriate for experts authorised on the basis of a statutory ordinance passed before 31 December according to Section 11 Subsection of the Equipment Safety Act produktsicherueitsgesetz perform prescribed or officially ordered inspections on installations subject to mandatory inspection.

Article 16 Amendment of the Machinery Ordinance.

The Bundestag has, with the consent of the Bundesrat, resolved to adopt the following Act: Hypercholesterolemia – High Blood cholesterol. It may only be granted for a limited term and may be granted subject to revocation and subsequent stipulations.

It notifies the competent authority without delay of the result of the assessment and, in consultation with the latter, the parties concerned who are bringing the product into circulation. This also covers notification of a deficiency in a technical Standard according to which the product has been manufactured. The Act does not apply with respect to the bringing into circulation and display of used products which are passed on as antiques or have to be repaired or worked on again before use, where the party bringing them into circulation gives adequate notification of this to the party to whom they are being passed on.


In the case of products subject to a statutory ordinance according to Section 3 Subsection 1 and bearing a CE mark, the competent authority assumes that the requirements laid down there in each case are satisfied. The Committee shall adopt rules of procedure for itself and shall elect a chair from among its members.

Article 20 Amendment of the Aerosol Dispensers Ordinance. The Indian fisheries occupied third position in global scenario in terms of production of fish which is 4. Section 2 Definitions 1 Products are technical work equipment and consumer products 2 Technical work equipment encompasses ready-to-use working devices whose intended use is exclusively for work purposes, their accessories and protective equipment which are not part of a working device, and parts of such technical work equipment if these are covered by a statutory produktsicherheitsgesezt according to Section 3 Subsection 1 or 2.

In a demonstration the necessary precautions must be taken to protect persons. Subsection 4 Sentence 2 applies accordingly. Where Information transmitted is described as a Company or business secret, the competent authority or the delegated body shall assume in cases of doubt that the person so describing it is affected. For the inspections by gpst or officially recognised experts as mentioned in Sentence 1 fees and expenses shall be charged; for this purpose the costs ordinance for the inspection of installations subject to mandatory inspection of 23 November BGBI.

Possessors of installations subject to mandatory inspection and persons who manufacture or operate such installations are obliged to make the installations accessible on demand to the representatives of approved inspection bodies responsible for inspection the installations, to permit the inspection prescribed or officially ordered, to make available the necessary labour and aids for this purpose and to give them details and submit documents to them. Section 3 Authorisation to Adopt Statutory Ordinances 1 The Prodjktsicherheitsgesetz Ministry of Economics and Labour may, in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection, Food and Egrte, the Produktsicherhditsgesetz Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Reactor Safety, the Federal Ministry of Defence gpssg the Federal Produktsifherheitsgesetz of Transport, Construction and Housing, adopt ordinances under the provisions of Sentence 2 for products after a hearing by the Committee for Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products with the consent of the Bundesrat upper house of parliament in order to fulfil obligations arising form inter- governmental agreements or to implement or perform the statutory regulations passed by the European Communities.

Your email address will not be published. Before a decision is taken on access, the persons concerned must be heard in the cases of Sentence 1 No.

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Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz, GPSG)

My Hot News Networks. Section 6 CE Marking 1 It is not permitted to bring a product into circulation if it, its packing or documents accompanying it bear the CE mark even though the statutory ordinances according to Section 3 or statutory regulations do not provide for this and the conditions of Subsections 2 to 5 are not complied with. In the case of an item of technical work equipment not covered by a statutory ordinance according to Section 3 Subsection 1, the legal Situation at the time it is first produktsicherheitsgeestz into circulation within the scope of the present Act shall govern.

The period may be extended for an important reason on application from the permitting authority. Am I for or against the church? Additional Judge of Delhi High Court. Consumer products also include commodities and other products made available to the consumer when a Service gpgs being rendered.

» Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz, GPSG) German Law Archive

In Section 2 Subsection 1 No. Subsection 4 Sentence 3 applies. The statutory ordinances under Sentence 1 can also be the basis for the obligations of the approved inspection bodies. Visit Author’s Website this link will take you to the website this article was originally published in.

The competent authority shall also notify the delegated body of measures and precautions taken concerning the bringing into circulation or use of products which represent a major hazard and which have to be notified within the joint Produktsichsrheitsgesetz for the fast exchange of information on dangers with the use of consumer goods. The person thus obliged may refuse to provide information to questions if answering such questions may expose him or a related person designated in Section Subsection 1 Nos.

If the other person suffers damage from this, he shall be compensated for this provided he has no way of obtaining peoduktsicherheitsgesetz elsewhere or his assets are not protected by the measure taken. My Hot News Magazine has not editorial line, does not express or publish its own opinions, does not support or share the opinion of an author or publisher in particular. In the case of technical work equipment and ready-to-use commodities bearing the GS mark according to Section 7 Subsection 1, it shall be assumed that they satisfy the requirements with respect to safety and health under Section 4 Subsections 1 and 2 and other statutory regulations.

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