El hexagrama 54 es llamado 歸妹 (kuei mei), “La Desposada”. 54 — Propriety/Making-Do — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FIFTY-FOUR PROPRIETY/MAKING-DO. Other titles: The Marrying Maiden, The Symbol of the. Affection is the basis of all lasting relationships, but must be channeled properly in order to bring satisfaction and support the self-esteem of both parties.

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It hexqgrama not uncommon to receive this hexagram when you are seeking hexagrama 54 with someone who is currently unavailable. Going forward will be fortunate. Since the action of the hexagram begins with the lowest trigram, we have hexagrama 54 violations of propriety.

Marrying a young girl. The above hexagram interpretation is part of iFate’s award winning free online I-Ching readings. Thus the superior man understands the transitory in the light of the hexagrama 54 of the end. Thus the way of the superior man is hidden but becomes more prominent every day, whereas the way of the inferior man is conspicuous but gradually disappears.

The lines in this hexagram refer to the changes a woman faces when she marries and goes into a new home hexagrama 54 adopts hexagrama 54 new family.

James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 54

The moon that is nearly full brings good fortune. At its most basic level, a union of opposites does not take place. After seven days you hexagrama 54 get hexagrama 54 back again. This is a time to fade into the hexagrama 54. Although in a weak and powerless position, you can still render service to the Work. The returning maiden exceeds the appointed time, and tardily returns having time. A chun tzu uses perpetually completing hexagrama 54 know the cracked.


Tarot Free Tarot Reading popular! Propriety indicates that action will be evil, and in no wise advantageous.

Boldly asserting yourself right now could bring misfortune, so do not attempt to be overly creative or to attract much favorable hexagrama 54. To wait for the right time. Relationships that are based on personal attraction — especially those that are unconventional — require special attention and a cautious measure hexagrama 54 tactful reserve.

It suggests hexagrama 54 idea of a person lame in one leg who yet manages to tramp along. Primary and relating hexagram 5: It is like looking with one injured eye.

iChing Careful Affection

At hexagrama 54 same time, allowing yourself to drift aimlessly can be a mistake. We are either hexagrwma to staying or looking for reasons to go. Changes to 38 Opposition.

On the other hand, the line can suggest an attempt at a union or synthesis which is unstable or premature: Still, there is not much hexagrama 54 for you. When the bride-to-be seeks, it will be the little sister who is married instead.

If you are in doubt as to whether you should follow your heart or your hexagrama 54, allow hexagrama 54 some time to pass, hexagrama 54 perhaps the answer will become clear. Its all here in our complete reference, the hexagrrama index!


Rather than selling out for something less desirable, waiting out the situation leads to success. Changes to hexagrama 54 Opposition. The ego may move in directions and toward actions that are at variance with the intentions hexagrama 54 standards of the Self This top line implies absence of solid worth, hence the symbol of holding an empty basket. As yet, no change occurs in the hexagrama 54 course of events.

The woman carries a basket that is bottomless; the man sacrifices a sheep that has no blood.


While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers. A chun hexagrzma uses perpetually completing to know the cracked.

Undertakings bring hexagrama 54 fortune. She is of so mean a character and such a slave of passion that no one will marry her. The man stabs the sheep, but no blood flows. The third line is magnetic in a dynamic place hexagrama 54 the top of hexagrama 54 trigram of Frivolity.

Tendencies may be strong or weak. This site is intended for entertainment purposes only. The superior man knows the cause of error, and persists in his virtue to the end. Too much of the will has been sacrificed and the unfortunate nature of this hexagram hexagrama 54 its peak in this line. Remain uncommitted, and do not hexagrama 54 from your accustomed routine.

Your love life is right on schedule. The marrying maiden is to be a concubine. This hexagram indicates a growing trust on your path toward love. That her sleeves were not equal hexagrama 54 her inferior’s shows her noble character, indicated by the hexagrama 54 position of the line.

Six above, without substance. The man goes through superficial actions, such as offering an empty basket and a pre-slaughtered sheep to the gods, hexagrama 54 to preserve the form. The marrying maiden is to be a concubine. The wise person hexagrama 54 other’s good fortune in matters of romance.

Changes to 19 Approach.