Céleste Albaret (née Gineste, 17 May – 25 April ) was a country girl who moved to Marcel Proust died in and Albaret moved on to run a small Paris hotel, together with her husband and daughter. . The result, appearing in , was the book “Monsieur Proust: Souvenirs recueillis par Georges Belmont” . Monsieur Proust (New York Review Books Classics) | Céleste Albaret, André Aciman, Barbara Bray | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle. 6 Aug If you’re not ready to tackle ‘My Struggle’ or ‘Remembrance of Things Past'(or if you’ve already burned through them), try out ‘Monsieur Proust,’.

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The resulting biographical portrait of Proust provided proist hitherto unknown details, although the overall picture was in most respects reassuringly consistent with information already provided by Proust in his novels and elsewhere. So she denies his homosexuality, that he could be at times a callous, insensitive social climber, that he was somewhat of a hypochondriac he did have asthma, but it’s hard to know ho much his asthma affected his lifestyle or vice versa.

Monsieur Proust

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. She also completely denies him being gay, calling it all vicious rumor, and writes about the various young women he was attracted to instead.

Albaret, ironically, weakens her case for accuracy when she insists that she remembers quite a few exact quotations and precise details. Quotes from Monsieur Proust.

Book around the corner. Celeste war in den albarwt 10 Lebensjahren die “Frau” in seinem Leben.

Monsieur Proust by Céleste Albaret

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. An absolutely delightful memoir written many years later by the young woman abaret was Proust’s housekeeper during the last few years of his life. This prouwt and translated memory of Celeste Albarets’ 8 years with Marcel Proust is a wonderful read. She obviously was devoted to Proust and loved him, and only decided to speak after all the “lies” she was hearing about Marcel.

Then one day after the war-it was his sole concession to fashion, if it were really a concession- he decided to have a sort of Charlie Chaplin moustache, though not without considering the question and talking about it to me. Proust did not use soap, only dabbed his face with a towel. The fact that gay men were ostracized though in some quarters quietly tolerated needs no elaboration here.


It wouldn’t be prousy book refutimg pwoples ideas of Proust had she spoken up earlier. She was certainly present in her employer’s bedroom, with the writer’s brother, the urologist and gynaecologist Robert Proustwhen Marcel Proust died. She could wake from one of her few sleeping moments with the sense that M.

She became his housekeeper, his valet, his secretary, and more or less his constant and celwste companion during the next nine years, the most productive in terms of writing. Albaret took up her employment just after Proust had completed Swann’s Way, and remained with him until he died.

When it is at an end the operator says to us: He told her husband: I’m grateful to have labaret her acquaintance.

It made her a knight commander – the only instance of its kind in the history of that ancient institution. One day I asked him how he came to know so much. But, as he remarked, no one saw him for his ties. Bayard Presse La Croix. Jun 16, Jocelyne Lebon rated it it was amazing. One of Albaret’s lamest attempts to buttress her case is her claim that Proust told her pretty much everything, so he would have likewise told her of his ‘indiscretions.

For years the most authoritative biography in English was that of George D. She was thirty and she thought her life was over.

I don’t know about you, but I have a difficult time remembering what I did or said last week, so to my thinking an account fifty years after the fact necessarily implies approximation. Four stars for style, 5 stars for content. Toutes les rues de Paris. As others have stated, it is a shame that 50 years went by before Celeste felt the need to tell her story.

But that’s neither here nor there. All that being said, he seemed to possess a captivating charm and a genuine, generous concern for those he felt close to.

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The course of treatment they give us by their painting or by their prose is not always agreeable to us. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat She does seem to have had prouat insight celesre his work and in particular, how he felt he had to live his life in lroust to produce this work.

Also one of the least-completed. Dava il tono come una canzone. Albaret proved hugely loyal, quick witted and adaptable enough to accommodate her employer’s ,onsieur habits, becoming largely nocturnal in order to be on hand when Proust was awake and available to clean his room if he went out [1] When he came home in the early hours of the morning she would wait up for him. Proust himself instructed her it was possible to enhance and strengthen ones memory if one truly desired to remember.

She wrote down texts as he dictated them to her and became important as a point of contact with the outside world. Le FigaroParis. Instead, it took a long time and involved a lot of labour, the author horizontal on his bed, giving birth slowly and with huge effort to the book of his life.


The most regular of Odilon Albaret’s regular clients was the celebrated novelist and critic, Marcel Proust. Turns out I loved it, and to this day when I go to the donut shop I always come away with a box of donuts for the family and a low minsieur blueberry muffin for me.

She was, however, mandated to telephone meal orders to the fine city restaurants: By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

If you are a Marcel Proust devotee, it is essential that you read this book.