LAYOUTS FOR OIL AND GAS INSTALLATIONS. OISD-STANDARD First Revision, July Second Revision. August Third Revision. August Oisd Standard Pdf’ title=’Oisd Standard Pdf’ />IRI InformationPlant Layout and Spacing for Chem Plant 2 Free download as PDF File. Text File. txt or . OISDTable January 2, × OISDTable-2 · Click to print (Opens in new window) · Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window).

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STD – PDF Free Download

Hot oil transfer pumps 15 7 5 5 7. Fixed water Spray system and Foam system requirements for Floating Roof Tanks and same shall oisx oisd 118 as basis for design. Heat ExchangerHydrocarbon 15 4 2 MB Lal Committee’s recommendations were reviewed on 5′ November.

What is the equivalent standard for calculating the oisd 118 safety distance between the process equipments. Commonly used for drain collection of the plant at atmospheric pressure. Overhead power transmission lines shall not pass over process oiss, storage tanks, offsite and utility areas.

Interdistances of Units in a Process Plant as per OISD Table 1 » The Piping Engineering World

Implythatevery possiblehazardhas been Idenr ISt. Process units and their capacities – Where product handled is artificially heated to a temperature above its flash point. Future expansion shall be oisd 118 and space provision for known and unforeseen needs shall be made. I suggest you browse the inet for ‘hydrocarbon equipment spacing’, there oisd 118 a large number of standards and specifications very useful.


Distances given are shell to shell in the same dyke. This will also minimise the chances of overfilling of oisd 118 vessels due to gravitation. If the shut down of the units are expected oisd 118 different occasions, then inter distances may be increased.

Class “C” petroleum should preferably be stored in separate enclosure. Primary traffic roads in the ojsd should be clear of hazardous classified areas. A free board of mm above the calculated liquid level shall be considered for fixing the height of the dyke. Towers, reactors and fired equipments should be located away from congested areas oisd 118 facilitate erection at any stage. October 3rd Amendment: Home Oisd Standard Pdf.

Liquids which have flash point of 23 oC and above but below 65 oC. Low temperature oisd 118 tank: Inter distances shall be as given in Table-4 for tanks class ‘A’ and class ‘B’ petroleum products with total storage capacity exceeding cu.

Oisd pdf Oisd pdf Oisd pdf Orderly future expansion shall be affected by providing space adjacent to similar type of facilities for expansion. Standards included in Gas Cylinder Rules, S. RCC roofing should not be used to the extent possible. oisd 118

The bay should be designed in such a way that the driver’s cabin will be facing the exit direction and shall have oisd 118 obstruction. Enclosure capacity shall be calculated after deducting the volume of tanks other than the largest tank upto the ojsd oisd 118 the enclosure.


Equipment oid oisd 118 arranged in logistic process sequence for short piping runs and operational ease. Ship firefighting is not under the scope of this standard. Keeping in view these differentiating features, specific OISD standards have already been developed. For a group of floating roof tanks: Standard for Oil and Gas Layout for blocks, equipments and facilites These may be located in the boiler house oisd 118 block to minimise the spreading ofvarious utility blocks around oisd 118 process unit, to facilitate ease of operation.

However, tanks having 50, cu. Care shall oisd 118 taken to facilitate future expansion without any interferene to plant on-stream. Doors should be made of fire proof material.

Oisd 118 PDF

If a group of tanks contains both fixed and floating oisx tanks, thenit shall be treated as a group of fixed roof tanks oisd pdf the of above oisd pdf. LPG bottling facilities should be located at a oisd 118 distance from other facilities with minimum ingress to trucking traffic and downwind oisd 118 storage as far as possible.

Approach road to sub-station and transformer bays should be provided to facilitate crane movement for erection and maintenance.