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Other new features include grayscale conversion, anti-aliasing support and more.

Persits Software, Inc. – Powerful ASP & Components – About

Sending information to the server failed, error or SincePersits Software engineers have been building server-side components for the Microsoft Windows environment that are now used by tens of thousands of companies, universities and government agencies all over the World. For more information about this much-requested feature, and to download AspEmail 5. A special low upgrade price is available for current XUpload users.

The new version fixes this deficiency. The file is damaged and could not be repaired error. When hitting Refresh button, presits record is added to the table. Download the updated setup here.

Server Component Leaders

Army Visa Verizon Xerox. The Object Reference contains detailed descriptions of all the objects’ properties and methods. Character out of range error when using a standard font. NET Updates Many improvements in various modules. It has been successfully tested with.


While still under construction, AspPDF. Fonts are specified via their local file paths. It also implements a fix in its PDF-to-Image module to improve performance. This feature is implemented via the PdfPreview object’s new TextItems collection.

AspPDF & AspPDF.NET Released

Asp User Windows security management component which provides an object-oriented interface to user accounts, groups, group memberships, and file permissions. Displaying images stored oersits the database as blobs. The new component is almost entirely identical to AspEmail in terms of functionality and object reference.

FileName property is not supported error.

Object number not found in object header error. Failed to query for IResponse. A rare class of documents has been discovered that would cause the PdfPage.

To download the latest version, visit www. Including various form items in a message body. NETis almost identical to AspJpeg, but differs from it slightly in the object model and implementation of certain features.

– Free Secure ASP Mail Component for an ASP and Environment

The XUpload control has expired message occurs although a registered copy is installed on the server. The new PdfDocument method CreateGraphicsFromPage creates an instance of the PdfGraphics object from another document’s page which can then be drawn on this document at an arbitrary location or locations, with scaling and rotation applied if necessary.


A preview is now available in the form of several live demo applications demonstrating a few of this product’s key features. For more information, and to download your free upgrade, visit the AspJpeg.

NET’s digital signing functionality required that the PDF document being signed and the digital certificate used for signing be both accessible to the PdfDocument.

Also, AspPDF now uses a newer, much more robust version of the zlib library persis its Flate decompression needs. NET mailing components features support for DomainKeys Identified Mail DKIMa method by which the sender digitally signs the email message to prove it really comes from the domain it claims it comes from. For more information, and to download AspPDF 2. Windows upload size limit – error a