Did you know that God has given you certain gifts an abilities for you to use in serving Him? As a follower of Christ it is important to discover the talents that God . 29 Oct We are all uniquely shaped by God for his purpose. There is no one in the universe just like you and that is not an accident. Discovering who. The Spiritual Gifts Survey gives a question test and ranks the gifts based on the test score. In addition, the optional S.H.A.P.E. portion of the survey uses.

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I can make difficult Biblical truths understandable to others. I have been able to reveal God’s future events in general terms through Bible teaching. Visit We are one church in many locations.

I am willing to persuade others to move towards Biblical objectives. I depend upon God’s resources and guidance to an unusual degree. For your records, or to discuss a service opportunity with a ministry leader, save or print your results Choosing Your Place of Service Once your assessment is complete, you have the option to view current service opportunities that exist through SBPC.

I am able to plan action goals for ministry with others. Normally my Christian character, lifestyle and behavior seem to motivate others to follow me. I would enjoy guiding a group of people to achieve their desired ends. I usually have a readiness to take on helping roles. Connect Life isn’t meant to be lived gufts.

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I can win wide acceptance from church members for major changes involving effective procedures.

I effectively solve problems using Biblical principles. Make an eternal impact through generosity.

I learn Biblical truths easily. Gidts have no problem sharing joyfully what Christ has done for me. I explain well the New Testament to others. In each of the 12 rows below, put a 4 next to the word that best describes you, then a 3 next to the word that describes you second, then a I work joyfully with persons ignored by the majority.

Turn on your cookies for the best browsing experience. I have the ability to concisely instruct listeners in the precise meaning of words and passages in Scripture. I would rather be a supportive background person than a ‘performer. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

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Spiritual Gifts Survey (and optional S.H.A.P.E survey) |

Until you click logout on the toolbar you will stay logged in even if you close your browser. I find it easy to motivate others to follow through on a ministry project. I am content to serve the suffering or undeserving. Create new account Request new password. I am willing and gifst to learn executive skills such as planning, organizing, and delegating. I am sensitive and sympathetic to persons who seem to be suffering or mentally ill.

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I believe God will keep his promises in spite of circumstances. Rate how often each statement is reflected in your life: I enjoy verbalizing Biblical truths which build, encourage, and comforts groups of believers. Assistive Listening Devices are available for the Hard of Hearing. I can assist key leaders who ‘pray and minister the word’ Acts 5 s.h.a.p.e.piritual taking some of their other responsibilities. I have compassion towards those who are broken hearted, addicted or oppressed.

SHAPE – Spiritual Gifts Assessment | El Montecito Presbyterian Church

I have the ability to spare other persons from punishment or penalties they justly deserve. Skip to content Take your free S. I do well in evaluating results from studies on the effectiveness of a major church program.

I am comfortable with graciously providing food and lodging to those in need. I am willing to use my home furnishings and personal belongings to serve others outside my immediate family. I am content to perform menial jobs or jobs considered unimportant by other people.