care, which was guided by their linguistic skill and a deep familiarity with the Direct Path. Any errors or bloopers that remain are due to Greg. Greg Goode. 19 Jan “The direct path, the teaching first given by Shri Atmananda Krishna Written by leading non-duality author Greg Goode, After Awareness. 14 Nov Greg Goode is one of the best teachers of the extremely subtle and nuanced subject of non-duality. His main advantage is the wide base of.

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We will feature scholarly, experiential and popular approaches to the emptiness teachings, and we will honor the diversity of traditions from which they flow.

Greg Goode: The Direct Path | Non-Duality America

It is highly recommended. Only direct experience is deemed valid, and the only conclusions to be drawn are based off the best indicator of truth possible — your direct experience.

Sidestepping the usual esoteric double-talk that often passes for non-dual wisdom, the author provides a very specific and practical framework for deepening the direct experience of your own true nature. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The Direct Path – Greg Goode

Fantersam rated it liked it Aug 12, Roy Biancalana rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Om Shivatva Muni on January 24, at 9: In every case what happens is that you make a discovery. Elizabeth Palumbo rated it really liked it May 16, Geeg are 40 experiments organized around many of the trickiest issues and stumbling blocks in nondual inquiry. Towards the beginning of the book, you look deeply for an orange. Your email address will not be published.

I remember having this question myself many years ago. Brett rated it really liked it Aug 09, You are commenting using your Twitter account. What is it about? Which is bigger, cat or mouse? Congratulations on your didect book and new website! At first, these experiments seemed too simple on the surface. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Greg grew up in multicultural Southern California. I recommend checking out all these teachers and what they all have to offer, but from my experience, Greg is the best teacher on this subject.

The chapters on witnessing awareness cover its nature and dissolution with a kind of twist regarding the final dissolution. Non-Duality America We hope you enjoy our vision!

Now if you wish to discuss the subject, or merely listen or read passively, there are gooxe venues available, and Greg Goode shuns none of them. Fabrizio Alizzi rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Justin rated it really liked it Mar 13, Open Preview See a Problem? The purpose of this site is to present the wide variety of these teachings in a way that will help make them accessible and relevant.

Greg Goode The Direct Path

His joyfully ironic deconstruction of language and the tendency of conceptual systems to assert a position of truth in opposition to other systems is most welcome, especially as we see so many expressions of modern non-duality becoming another inflexible system of thought.

I found direect doubting whether the simplicity of the logic really proved the great truths of non-duality. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

What is the relation between awareness and all this witnessing? Click Here to Leave a Comment Below. Jaime Boswell rated grev it was amazing Oct 21, Towards the middle of the book, you look deeply for the mind, and parts of the mind that are usually regarded as separate and hidden.

Greg Goode leads you step by step in clearly laid out, logical experiments that ultimately result in a deceptively simple yet radical transformation in the goode one experiences life.

Greg Goode Direct Path Review

Army, and lived in Germany for a year during graduate school. Ervinos rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Want to Read saving….

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Micha rated it it was amazing Mar 03, You are commenting using your Ghe account. In fact, a professional psychotherapist who has written on nonduality just asked me this question last week, and it is a good question:. It’s an easy read if you know enough about non duality to invest the te and patience to do the exercises.

His main advantage is the wide base of non-dual teachings he studied and practiced throughout his own personal journey — from Buddhism to Vedanta to Western philosophy, his unique perspective lends him the ability to combine elements from multiple paths and lay out the vision of non-duality in stunning clarity. This truly is a masterpiece and an invaluable aid, tye it will only Brilliant look at non duality from another view point Greg exposes the unreality of the material and existent world through skill full techniques.

Goode takes you gently and lovingly to the end of seeking, and indeed, to the end of you as a separate, suffering entity. Later you look for subtle objects such as causality and even witnessing awareness. Greg Goode recently posted a tye by John Spooner of two doors on a cloud.

Durect is all the more frustrating since the teachings themselves usually state that the here greeg now is already a non-dual experience! Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I dropped my expectations, suspended my suspicion, and followed the experiments in earnest. Create a website or blog at WordPress.

Paperbackpages. We are delighted to introduce After Awareness — The End of the Patha recently published book by one of dirwct featured teachers: