Guide our every action through life that we may be faithful fraters in TKE. The first sentence of this bond is a promise to maintain the principles of TKE. The TKE mission is to aid men in their mental, moral and social development for life. .. E. Attend a seminar on TKE‟s Rituals (Silver Book). F. Attend at least. 23 May tke silver book Name of book: tke silver book Extension: pdf File size: MB Total downloads: Uploaded by: Pissy ISBN This.

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Show how the badge is attached properly on the clothing. Fraternity Organizational Structure In TKE, our organizational structure te designed to support our collegiate chapters.

Candidates not willing to assume this bond cannot continue to receive the secret w ords of the fraternity and must be asked to leave. We will link the fraternal chain. Additionally and more importantly, someone else knowing something does not reduce its meaning to you. What’s Sipver You Back?

The Pylortes may request the secret word from a frater especially if he is a person he does not recognize. The outer color—red, like blood from the heart—interprets fraternal love, deep and warm.

| Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

This we ask in solemn adoration of Thy most precious name. At this time, the Hypophetes will read to you the bond you will be asked to assume later today. Can anyone shed a little light on the cleanup tag and why it was placed here? Minimum Standards for Chapters Minimum Standards for Chapters – Being a Teke stands for being a part of a brotherhood where men of character – regardless of their background. Membership Quality Board Membership Quality Board-the chapter committee that ensures each Frater continually meets the minimum standards for membership in Tau Kappa Epsilon.


Fraters, let us all stand and exchange the sign, grip and word. That link regarding TKE’s organizational structure proves nothing. The left side—the heart side—our attribute of love.

tek Frater Rogers discusses our options. I promise to be guided by charity, esteem, and love in my fraternal relationships throughout my lifetime. The right hand side of the triangle on the badge should be parallel to the line of buttons on the shirt.

At each gavel rap, the officer stands, without sign, and remains standing.

The information pertained on this webpage will assist and guide you through the Chapter Module. Replaces Skull on altar. Boom International HQ hasn’t recognized “Frater” Jeremy as a member, then he shouldn’t be added back to the article.

Ritual & Ritual Equipment

The colder grey suggests esteem, less warm and less emotional than love. SUNY courtland has no chapter they are an underground chapter that still says they are around. The badge is worn on shirts and sweaters over the heart, never on coat lapels or tee-shirts. This is a reminder to give serious silber to the words you say to each other in conducting the business of the chapter.

Not many people know this, but Elvis faced one of the exact same controversies when he was initiated. Passes the gavel around the triangle beginning with the frater on his left. I plan on adding more, and cleaning up the silvsr that I got off our web page, which I believe come from national, and are public domain anyway.

Provinces Curious which chapters fall into which provinces? On page 93 there’s a section titled “The Pioneering Fraternity” where it talks about the things where TKE has been the innovator among fraternities, and it mentions “perfecting a definite program of pledge training as a substitute for “Hellweek” and the paddle. For this reason, the bond commits you to pursue the personal maturity of your uniqueness. I’m positive that the colours are not cherry red and battleship grey, they’re just “cherry red” silved “grey.


This is accomplished by the Prytanis passing the gavel across the triangle or room in which the chapter meets, allowing each person to hold for a moment the authority and responsibility for running the chapter in his own hands and thus to speak with that authority. Now tell your story.

WikiProject Fraternities and Sororities Template: Has any frater further suggestions for silvver good of our fraternity? This includes but is not limited to International social societies, local organizations, honor societies, and their members.

Talk:Tau Kappa Epsilon

When all have received the sign, grip and word, thePrytanis states: The lowest triangle is the dagger which represents the conscience which punishes all infractions of the bond. Then both fraters acknowledge that hostilities often exist between men committed to be fraters. User Name Remember Me? Help us to make this a time of meaningful newness for our members tkee a great celebration of our ideals of charity, esteem, and love. Your expression of fraternal love for your fraters is the focal point of the fraternity—giving it a human heart.

Fraters, we have received the sign, grip and word, and by them have been reminded of our bond in TKE.