So at Games Day I got to play Trafalgar. It was great, simple, fast to pick up and the miniatures are not that expensive.. Once I get the rule. Trafalgar the Game. html. “Warhammer Historical is proud to present Trafalgar, a naval wargame, set in. Documents Similar To Trafalgar_Warhammer. warhammer ancient battles. Uploaded by. Todd Duckett. Warmaster Ancients – Warhammer Historical. Uploaded.

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Paul, if you and Nick are around tomorrow night Wednesdaycould Nick bring the rulebook; I’m interested and would tfafalgar to check out the rules. Commissar Grey God Posts: Your blog always has a way of reigniting my long-dormant wargaming urges!

I think the game as it stands is well-suited to the medium scale action, as I’ve said above. I still need to add pennants and flags British 3rd Rate Small pts with out any upgrades 1: I hope to have the 28 done this evening or by tomorrow. British 4th Rate pts with out any upgrades 1: Critical hits can quickly pile up on a ship, particularly if you are caught in a crossfire, between two lines of enemy ships, as happened to me.

I had the rulebook and some 12 ships for it wafhammer due to lack of time I sold them.

The rules give the British the edge in this area: It feels more like something you would play a hypothetical battle with, using no more than ships per side. This should get you a good afternoon’s play.


Here is what I got Second my Imperial Wafhammer Once I get a fleet together I can start to show others how to play and maybe get a new game going at the local store. Wind is still important, as is holding the weather gauge.

Warhammer Historical: Trafalgar – Work In Progress

I still need to add pennants and flags So I bought a few models and finally got around to building and painting my first ship Thus far we have had just the one play-test, and it seemed to go okay, but I feel more play time will be needed before we get to the bottom of this one.

The latter is arguably the best fleet level set of rules we’ve played so far, and we were able to play a smoothly-running re-fight of Camperdown British versus Dutch a couple of years ago. I have a few models from Langton, but haven’t assembled them yet I of course remind myself that this puts an element of play into the defending players hands and could represent a round of ragged fire or firing at the wrong time or even a group of poorly aimed guns by the gun crews aboard the firing vessel.

Back to the Age of Sail Home Page. I like the rules very much.


Warhammer Historical

Come check out my Daemonhunters, Hurrah for shiny silver killing goodness! Warhammer Historicals Trafalgar game. Strategic Command Wargaming Club. It is also possible that you could create some of the less ‘classic’ actions from the period, for example supporting a coastal raid and becalmed ships being attacked by oared vessels in the Mediterranean.

Perhaps this makes for a more entertaining game, as playing the British in most Age of Sail games, you almost expect to win Crew losses from fire and gunfire can take their toll, and before you know it, a fine fighting ship is nothing but a floating morgue. Within this book you will find all the rules, history and hobby information you need to fight battles between opposing navies throughout the period The usual tactics from the period seemed to work, with raking producing the most devastating damage on ships.

Larger scales are a. British 6th Rate pts with out any upgrades So base ship totals points are with out any upgrades Now I need to create or buy bases and paint them up. Comments more then welcome.