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The Referee shall immediately stop play when any player has visible bleeding, an open wound or blood-stained clothing.

A rally consists of zaasdy service and a number of good returns. Did the obstructed player create the interference in moving to the ball?

A time period prescribed by the Rules for a delay in play. HAND The period from the time squssha player becomes server until becoming receiver.

A player, unable to stop bleeding within the total time the Referee permits, shall either concede one game to gain a further 90 seconds and then continue play without bleeding, or concede the match. In that case a player must appeal immediately after the rally.

At the end of 90 seconds the Referee shall call “Time”. In that case the Referee shall correct the score and the Marker shall repeat the corrected score. Bleeding, Illness, Disability and Injury G After winning a rally the server then continues serving from the alternate box. In squaasha case the opponent has no right of appeal and the Referee shall not award a let. The Referee shall decide when the warm-up is unfair and apply Rule STROKE An award by the Referee which results in the player winning the rally, thereby scoring a point if serving or becoming the server if receiving.

The Guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Rules and have been approved by the World Squash Federation. To advise that a rally is to be replayed in circumstances where the wording “Yes let” is not applicable.


The Referee shall not permit play to resume while the bleeding is visible. Included in this category are cramps, whether abdominal pains or muscle cramps, actual or impending nausea and breathlessness including asthmatic conditions.

The Referee shall decide whether comments are permissible encouragement or improper coaching. zasadyy

None Award game to opponent. Self-inflicted Allow initial recovery time. To indicate that the server has become the receiver, i.

Play ceases when a player appeals. To advise players of the midpoint of the warm-up period. If the striker stops play as a result of slight racquet contact with the opponent, who is making every effort to clear, the Referee shall allow zasadj let.

This Appendix provides a brief description of it. In order to prevent one player from gaining an unfair rest interval through a change of equipment, the Referee, before allowing a player to leave the court to make the change, shall be satisfied that there has indeed been a material deterioration of the equipment.

If also uncertain, the Referee shall allow a let. This position frequently occurs after the ball has hit the side wall and the front wall simultaneously and then rebounds into the middle of the court. Players may leave the court during zasadyy intervals but must be ready zasadg play prior to the expiry of the second interval.

– Oficjalne zasady gry w wersji angielskiej

Readers are referred to the full text where changes are underlined in bold type. The player may concede only sqkasha game. Marker must call score without delay. If a player vomits or otherwise makes the court unplayablethe Referee shall award the match to the opponent, irrespective of whether the sick player is able to resume play Rule However, when interference has occurred, the Referee shall not refuse a let in situations in which the player was clearly making every effort albeit short of physical contact with the opponent to get to and play the ball and had demonstrated to the Referee the ability to reach the ball.


If the ball, coming from the front wall, hits the non-striker without interference occurringthe non-striker loses a stroke unless further attempt applies Rule If uncertain, the Referee shall allow a let, except where the provisions of Rules At eight-all the receiver non-server has to choose to play either to nine points known as “Set One” or to ten points known as “Set Squuasha. The Marker shall call services and returns which are not good using the recognized calls of “Fault”, “Foot-fault”, “Not up”, “Down”, “Out”, “Hand-out” and “Stop” see Appendix 3.

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The Referee shall also advise the players when the warm-up period is complete with the call of “Time”. It is recommended that balls bear a permanent colour code or marking to indicate their speed or category of usage. Additional wording added in the first paragraph emphasizing that the Referee can ask a rgy the reason for an appeal.